A mélange about me.

Hi, I'm Kavya. I'm overly apologetic by nature, confused 99% of the time, and I do the weirdest, most derpy things almost effortlessly. I love books. I'm cynical and an idealist. Yes, I contradict myself a lot. I'm kinda like a bunch of paradoxes put together. I'm probably one of the weirdest girls you've ever met, if you have met me. I'm terrible at expressing my thoughts, especially around the guy I like. *sigh* that's the story of most people's lives, though, so I keep moving on. Sorry if I don't do a very good job with this blog, I'm trying to learn. I want this blog to be me and nothing else, especially since I'm never completely myself around anyone in real life. I've spent too long trying to make others like me and here, I'm saying screw it if I'm different. No pressure from school friends, because I know some kids from my school follow me. I'm definitely different online than I am in real life, so sorry if that comes as a bit of a shock to you. :) I'm kinda obsessed with a lot of things, namely: John Green and his books(like TFIOS), Eleanor and Park, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Harry Potter, Divergent, Avatar the Last Airbender, DOCTOR WHO, Supernatural, Sherlock, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the Avengers . I can't think of any others off the top of my head, so I'll leave it at that...for now...Enjoy! :)